Host Families

Whilst students are attending USS they live with NASA-Clear Lake area families. The students gain valuable insight into the American way of life from this experience. Students are placed in host homes in same gender pairs. Students are expected to keep their sleeping area tidy and help with household chores. There are numerous free evenings to sit down and enjoy a family meal, plan game nights with other host families or introduce students to the various activities that are specific to the Texas Gulf coast.

Hosting young people from another culture can provide untold benefits. In addition to gaining first hand knowledge of another culture, the host family will serve as good-will ambassadors for American culture. Host families are not expected to provide private bedrooms or bathrooms, but will need to provide transportation to various after school activities as well as to and from school at UHCL each day.

Host families are invited to several social activities, giving them the opportunity to meet & socialize with other host families as well as giving the students a time to interact in a less formal setting. Host families are encouraged to share their special interests and hobbies with their students.

If you live in the Clear Lake area and are interested in becoming a host family, contact us!